Bowel Sounds: The Pediatric GI Podcast

Danny Mallon - Elevating Your MedEd Game

October 25, 2021 NASPGHAN Season 2 Episode 22
Bowel Sounds: The Pediatric GI Podcast
Danny Mallon - Elevating Your MedEd Game
Show Notes

In this episode of Bowel Sounds, hosts Drs. Jennifer Lee and Jason Silverman talk to Dr. Danny Mallon about how trainees and junior faculty can elevate their contributions and engagement in Medical Education. He gives practical advice on getting started in Med Ed including defining your particular interests and where to go to get help or find collaborators.

Of note, this episode featured a guest and topic suggested by a listener, Dr. Pat Reeves. If you have suggestions for future episodes please send them our way on Twitter or by email.

As always, the discussion, views, and recommendations in this podcast are the sole responsibility of the hosts and guests and are subject to change over time with advances in the field.

Produced by: Jennifer Lee


  1. The 1 minute preceptor: 1-page reference and original article.
  2. Curriculum Development for Medical Education: A Six-Step Approach ("Kern's model"

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