Bowel Sounds: The Pediatric GI Podcast

Martin Martin - Congenital Diarrhea

August 30, 2021 NASPGHAN Season 2 Episode 19
Bowel Sounds: The Pediatric GI Podcast
Martin Martin - Congenital Diarrhea
Show Notes

In this episode of Bowel Sounds, hosts Dr. Peter Lu and Dr. Jennifer Lee talk to Dr. Martín G. Martín  about infants with congenital diarrheas and enteropathies (CODEs). Dr. Martín is a Professor of Pediatrics at UCLA and Co-Director of the UCLA Center for Pediatric Diarrheal Diseases.  We discuss how he developed an interest in congenital diarrhea and how to both evaluate and manage the infant with severe diarrhea.

As always, the discussion, views, and recommendations in this podcast are the sole responsibility of the hosts and guests and are subject to change over time with advances in the field.

Produced by: Jennifer Lee


  1. Advances in Evaluation of Chronic Diarrhea in Infants (
  2. PediCODE
  3. - Title: Approach to chronic diarrhea in neonates and young infants (<6 months)

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